The term “revisional eyelid surgery” refers to the correction of the eyelid position (either upper or lower lid) after having undergone prior eyelid surgery. Two of the more common reasons patients visit the office are for eyelid malpositions after undergoing prior blepharoplasty or eyelid reconstruction from trauma or removal of an eyelid skin cancer.

What Causes the Need for Revisional Eyelid Surgery?
Surgery is a lot like life – complex and not fully predictable – and because of this, there is always an element of risk. Different people vary in their responses to any given operation and doctors vary in their preferences and experience.

It is important to understand that even the finest surgeons will have some patients who suffer unexpected outcomes and that problems following eyelid surgery are not “one-in-a-million” events. Fortunately, most complications can be helped. Many disappear by doing little more than waiting, while others require surgical revision.

The healing process from prior eyelid surgery can last up to a year or so and it is important to receive care from an eyelid specialist (oculoplastic surgeon) as early as possible in such instances to manage the healing process in an optimal direction. Non-surgical measures such as steroid injections, lid massages and hyaluronic acid fillers (i.e. Restylane), are some measures that may be required in the postoperative healing phases to help control and direct the eyelid to heal effectively.

Once you and our ophthalmologist, Dr Syed Ahmad, believe that the eyelid changes have been stabilized and require revision, either from an undesired cosmetic appearance or ocular symptoms associated with the upper or lower lid malposition, surgery may be warranted depending on the severity of the lid malposition. There are various components to performing revisional eyelid surgery and it depends on each patient’s clinical findings. Dr. Ahmad will examine you and review your surgical history to devise a surgical plan for your specific needs.

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