What Is Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation?
Often referred to as “tear trough correction”, it is the rejuvenation or plumping up of the hollowed areas under the eyes. As we age, we lose volume in certain parts of our face while we gain volume in other parts. Generally speaking, the region around our eyes and cheeks begins to lose fat, while the jowls and neck begin to gain fat. This progression has little to do with body weight. The fat volume in the upper cheek and around the eyes are genetically predisposed to volume loss.

When we lose the fat layer along the lower eyelid region and upper cheek, the eyes begin to look hollow. The outline of the bony rim begins to show. This gives the impression that we’re fatigued, and we appear older. In our practice, this is an important and highly emphasized sign of aging that we treat on a regular basis. Rejuvenation of the eyes is one of the highest impact methods of facial rejuvenation.

Adding volume is the most effective way of rejuvenating the eyes. The real advantage is that it is non-surgical and highly effective. The recommended procedure for treating the hollows under the eyes is Restylane® or JUVÉDERM® for mild changes in a younger patient (30s-40s) This technique is used to fill the tear troughs (crescent-shaped hollows in the corners of the eyes near the nose).

In patients with more advanced volume loss that extends into the upper cheek region and beyond the tear troughs, fat transfer is an excellent permanent solution that our ophthalmologist, Dr. Syed Ahmad can provide. Fat transfer works by restoring the shape and contour of the mid-face and cheeks. This gives the upper face a much younger appearance without making the person look different. Another advantage of fat transfer is that the results are permanent. If the patient wants to address the cheeks with an injectable, RADIESSE® or Sculptra® are used in place of fat.

Why Should I Choose Tear Trough Correction?

  • It safely rejuvenates the eye area
  • It reduces the tired and puffy eyes look
  • It uses modern injectables
  • It can achieve long-term to permanent results
  • It has little to no downtime
  • It is available for men and women for all ages

How Does an Injectable Filler Correct Tear Trough Deformity?
Injectables are used by our ophthalmologist, Dr. Syed Ahmad to replace lost volume and contour. When injected into the problem area, it plumps it up while the HA (hyaluronic acid) stimulates the body’s own renewed production.

If Surgery Is Needed for Tear Trough Correction – What Is Involved?
If surgery is necessary it will most likely be Blepharoplasty surgery to correct excess, sagging skin of the lower eyelid. This skin overhangs and contributes to your problem. If you are not a candidate for correction with injectables, then you may require surgery to obtain the desired results. If you are looking for lower eyelid rejuvenation in Plano, Texas, please call Texas Eye & Aesthetic Center at 972-519-9933 for more information.