Scars – whether those that are caused by an injury or those that occur following surgery – heal in many different ways. Many factors affect the way your body heals, and each person heals differently. Scar revision is any type of surgery that involves making a scar look aesthetically better. This type of surgery can be performed by our ophthalmologist, Dr. Syed Ahmad, on scars located anywhere on the face or body. Certain steps can be taken to improve bad scars and include silicone sheeting therapy, steroid injections, dermabrasion and some laser treatments. However, when these techniques are not enough, surgical scar revision is an alternative.

Scars cannot be removed completely but they can often be improved considerably and made less obvious. If you are bothered by a scar because of its appearance, your first step should be to consult with Dr. Ahmad regarding treatment options.

What Is a Keloid Scar?
Scars can be found in numerous different forms and some patients are overly prone to having bad scars. Even if the patient has an ear piercing or some sort of small surgery, the scar grows increasingly out of proportion to the cut. This type of scar is known as a “keloid”. A keloid tends to be the worst of all scars because the patient may just have an acne infection, small ear piercing or a small surgery. As a result, they can develop ugly, huge, heavy and hard scars which are similar to tumor growth. Furthermore, these types of scars are very resistant to any kind of treatment.

What Is a Hypertrophic Scar?
Another type of scar is a ‘Hypertrophic’ scar. These types of scars occur both on the face and the body. Even though these are different from Keloid scars, Hypertrophic scars are very thick, disfiguring, painful, and itchy. In almost all its occurrences, there’s always a reason for a Hypertrophic scar to appear and a majority of them can be cured.

The last type of scars is the unsightly scars which don’t have a healing quality. These scars are either spread out or located in a prominent area. Furthermore, they are caused by an initial cut or injury which wasn’t properly treated and repaired or never treated at all.

Through a focused scar revision surgery, patients who suffer from any type of scar can be given relief and treatment. If you are looking for scar revision in Plano, Texas, please call Texas Eye & Aesthetic Center today at 972-519-9933 for more information.